Creative arts 256 is an organization that was started in 2015 by Mr Butimba Edward aka Mr. Nectar.

He was born and raised in a humble background in a slum set area and suffered lots off disadvantages like not chancing to complete school, going minus some meals, had single parent and many more.

Because these challenges displeased him, he thought of starting up an organization with a vision of transforming lives of the other disadvantaged people like himself.

It is because of the challenges that life gives to people of "low class", that many aren't easy to communicate with because of illiteracy and these most times give up on life and are always negative.

Through creative arts 256, Mr. Butimba Edward uses arts like music dance drama and even sports to share, show love, and give hope to those who had given up in life.

Creative arts 256 realises that Africans and more so illiterate people whether male or female have no passion for formal education and hardly read so we opt to use performing arts in talents that the people had as a tool to bring fundamental change than would formal education.

Creative arts 256 started by organizing small concerts that were called TAKE A STEP FESTIVAL to be staged annually in different communities and under different themes.

  • Take a step Bukoto in mulimira zone dated 5th December 2015 under a theme of sanitation
  • Take a step kamwokya at TLC grounds under the theme respect of human rights equals to peace 30th July 2016.
  • Take a step - rights of children to peace.21st September TLC kamwokya
  • Take a step - education for children in slum areas 4th November 2016.
  • The objectives of these festivals was to :

  • Create opportunity for the disadvantaged to get first hand information on issues and matters concerning them like education, health, rights, responsibilities and other social related issues.
  • Bridge low class and upper class.
  • Empower the low class by building their capacity through sensitization making them bold and self reliant citizens.
  • Today creative arts 256 reaches to

  • Children and youth in school communities.
  • Children and youth out of school especially in slum areas.